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Zero-G Nostalgia


Welcome to Nostalgia - one of Zero-G and Xfonic's most popular and successful sample libraries.

This acclaimed library is ready to load into your full copy of Kontakt, EXS24 or Reason NN-XT, and features around 1.3 GB of WAV sounds (over 4500 samples) from four decades of electronic instruments, and more than 1,100 accompanying instrument patches.

Whatever your chosen musical genre there’s a place for any of these sounds in your music.

Whether it’s old-skool lo-fi beatboxes, huge Gothic Tron sounds, smooth Prophet pads and strings, beefy Moog basses or leads, classic electric pianos, swirly string synths, cheezy toys, classic samplers, brittle digital synths, evolving S+S textures ... you name it - with over 4,500 samples and more than 1,100 patches, it’s probably there in this huge Kontakt collection that has effectively been 40 years in the making.

The man behind it; programming wizard and all-round synth enthusiast Steve Howell, has used his 30+ years of experience and knowledge of these various instruments to create arguably the best and most accurate representations of some of the world’s greatest synths, keyboards and beat boxes that he has either owned or used in a professional capacity as either a sound designer, sound engineer, player or composer.

Steve has also used his 16+ years of developing professional sample sound libraries to provide highly optimised and memory-efficient, seamlessly looped samples of a heritage of instruments that have paved the way for where we are today - over 40 years of innovation and (often naive) pioneering spirit encapsulated in one definitive collection of abject ‘Nostalgia’!

So, love remeniscing and start putting a new perspective on the retrospective - this library truly provides enormous flexibility and a wealth of creative possibilities!

Kontakt makes no compromises in the playing and performing of sample-based instruments. Its powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs and FX gives this library huge scope. Load the provided .nki patches into your copy of Kontakt, or, just use the WAV files with your favourite sampling software.

If you want to read about this inspiring library in more depth, please click HERE to download a guide to the full Nostalgia library. (.zip file, 332 KB, expands to give mini-website viewable in your web browser). Includes indexes of all Kontakt instrument files, and programming notes etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This download provides WAV and .nki files only. These .nki files will load into all full versions of NI Kontakt or NI Kompakt, but are not usable with any Kontakt 'Player'. The free NI 'Kontakt Player' (the one that is available from the NI website as a free download) is designed to load libraries from products that are 'powered' by NI software as a plug-in. This download is not a plug-in. The NI 'Kontakt Player' will load .nki files but only in a 'demo' mode (limited time), so you need the full versions of Kontakt or Kompakt to use these .nki files. The WAV files can however be used with any software.

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