Download Zero-G Nu Jointz 2

Zero-G Nu Jointz 2


Nu Jointz 2 contains 1.75 GB and over 1300 24bit samples of some of the freshest hip-hop you will find in any sample library anywhere.

For the adventurous, radical, genre-busting hip-hop producers out there comes Nu Jointz 2 - Droppin Like Its... from mad hip-hop genius Vinnie Zummo, award winning producer of NY Cutz 1 and 2 and Nu Jointz 1.

As diverse and out-there as any hip-hop library in the history of sampling, this amazingly eclectic collection will leave you breathless in its brilliance and originality. You likely will have heard nothing like this before. This library is full of innovation, genius and downright lunacy!

There's construction kits, masses of drumloops & drum hits, atmospheres, drones, special fx, breaks, vocals, guitars, harmonicas, record noise and loads more.

Also included is a special library within a library called 'Found Soundz' which is a goldmine for hip-hop samplists containing hundreds of sounds that appear to have been lifted from old recordings but are actually 100% original and royalty-free just like the rest of the library.

So, if you want your hip-hop productions to be on fire, radical, cutting edge and original then Nu Jointz 2 is for you.

All the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original and royalty-free for your musical use without any additional licensing fees.

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