Download Zero-G Pure Brazilian Beats

Zero-G Pure Brazilian Beats


Zero-G brings you the unmistakable flavour of Latin American drums in the 21st Century - the feel, the groove, the life.

Performed & recorded in Brazil by in-demand session musician Duda Moura, Pure Brazilian Beats is an incredible collection of completely authentic Brazilian drum rhythms with an infectious feel, suitable for anyone with a desire to add rhythmic life to their productions.

Features acoustic drum groove/loops including:

  • samba,
  • baião,
  • axé,
  • bossa nova,
  • ijexá,
  • samba reggae,
  • samba rock,
  • batucada,
  • samba do Ilê,
  • pagode,
  • samba enrêdo,
  • samba funk
  • and other Brazilian fusion experiences.

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