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Zero-G Seismic Frequencies

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Welcome to Zero-G's Seismic Frequencies.

Dangerously beautiful landscapes of organic tones, moody washes and powerfully expressive sound energies fused with a multitude of adventurous experiments in audio alchemy, makes Seismic Frequencies strong and intoxicating enough to cause an earthquake of sonic influence on all styles of music.

Seismic Frequencies features a vast array of unique and original samples under the following category headings:

Ambient, Ambient FX, Ambient Loops, Ambient Pads, Ambient Shots, Ancient Drones, Archaic, Atmospheres, Beats, Bells, Creatures, Drones, Drums, Explosive, Flyers, FX, Game FX, Hi Metals, Lunar Drones, Machine Loops, Metal Washes, Motoric Drones, Moves, Noisy, Propeller Drones, Rhythm Drones, Rhythm FX Loops, Sci-Fi, Steel Pads, Stingers, Sweep FX, Synth Washes.

For more detailed info on the complete list and descriptions of the contents of Seismic Frequencies, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.

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