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Zero-G Skinned

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Skinned is the eagerly awaited first sample library release from the Canadian Techno/Industrial/Noise band Skinny Puppy.

This collection is for the over 18's only... Distortion, noise, metal, shock, horror, destruction, doom, warfare.. They are all here in abundance.

Skinned gives you the rare opportunity to access the private sample vaults of Skinny Puppy and what a worthwhile trip it is...The samples defy rational explanation, they are simply the hardest sounds you are ever likely to hear.

Put your ear defenders on and sit back in your armchair ready for an aural assault...You'll not believe the aggression emanating from your speakers!

We have pulled back the skin and exposed Skinny Puppy naked for the first time.

For more detailed info on the contents of Skinned, pleae take a look at the PDF of Contents.

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