Zynaptiq Design Bundle


IMPORTANT: The upgrade version of this product applies to users that have purchased both MORPH v2 and ADAPTIVERB v1 on or before April 2nd, 2017. If you didn’t purchase MORPH or ADAPTIVERB from Time+Space, please email proof of purchase/receipt to websales@timespace.com after you have checked out. Once ownership has been verified, your serial will be sent within one business day.

The Zynaptiq DESIGN Bundle bundles three sound design powerhouses into one indispensable package. Design pads, drones and ambiences, perform cross-filtering, and add pristine, lush reverb that harmonically adapts to your audio with ADAPTIVERB. Combine features of two sources into unheard new hybrid sounds, and create smooth morphing transitions with MORPH 2. Transform your sounds with multi-effects processing ranging from the sublime to the otherworldly and extreme using WORMHOLE. Whether you are a sound designer, music producer, audio artist or film composer, the DESIGN Bundle is for you!

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